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We promise you that your experience with us is going to be nothing short of explosive and exciting. Warning: Our Bath Bombs are highly addictive ... you will see your profits soar and your customers demanding more!

What is all the fuss about? That is our wild and crazy secret!!! All we know is that these tennis ball size bath bombs sell like hot cakes!!! All of us here at The Bath Bomb Co. are passionate for natural, fresh, fun and fabulous bath bombs. We love to hear our customers excitements after they receive their first order and sell out within a couple of weeks ... calling us, freaking out and needing more. The most common question we are asked "How fast can I get more!!".

A little about the bath bombs! Each bath bomb has been handmade in small batches with fresh, fun and fabulous ingredients. Small batches are important because that allows us to make sure each bath bomb is perfect in quality and appearance. We are passionate about fresh, natural and safe for use bath bombs for the whole family. Each bath bomb weighs between 200 and 220g (approx 8oz) - roughly 2.75" in diameter or slightly larger! Our bath bombs are handmade with love in Manitoba, Canada. We test on family members and friends ... never on animals.

Ingredient Info

Here at the Bath Bomb Company, we strive to provide handmade bath bombs with only fresh and completely safe ingredients. Our Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid are food grade and do not contain aluminum sulfate. All of our ingredients are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, 100% Animal Friendly and safe for the whole family.

The first ingredient we use is Baking Soda also known as Sodium Bicarbonate. The second most prominent ingredient that we use is Citric Acid, the combination of the two is what gives a bath bomb the fizzing experience. 

Just bee-cause we love our planet and the bees too, we have added Sunflower Oil to our formulation. This skin loving ingredient is found every single bath bomb that we produce. Sunflower Oil is locally produced in Manitoba, is loaded with Vitamin E. Sunflower Oil also boasts antioxidant benefits and is rich in Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids which makes this oil an ideal choice for soaking in the tub. Sunflower Oil also rinses clean down the drain, will not leave behind a gunky residue or messy clean up. We do caution that it can be slightly slippery so be sure to use caution when exiting the tub. 

Our 100% Natural Bath Bombs have been formulated with locally sourced, 100% Natural Essential Oils and Mica's or Ultramarine's for colouring.

Our 99% Natural Bath Bombs have been created using locally sourced, Paraben and Phthatlate Free Fragrance Oils that offer a sensory experience to calm or uplift the body, mind and soul. Mica's and Ultramarine's have been used in these as well for colouring.

Our 98% Natural Bath Bombs have been created using locally sourced, Paraben and Phthatlate Free Fragrance Oils as well as 1% Lake Colours are used in these for colouring.

Lastly, every bath bomb requires a wetting agent. We used locally sourced distilled water for this purpose. 

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